Renovations before selling your home

There is much to be said about pre-selling renovations and about the times they work vs. the times they only make you lose money. Therefore we have decided to enlist a couple of things which are good to be renovated, the renovations which should not be done by you and the renovations which would really win you money and help to sell property fast.

1.) Painting

It’s the cheapest form of renovation and yet it would really make your home look brand new. That’s exactly why every real estate broker suggests their customers to have their homes painted before selling. But remember, don’t go for wild colors, else it may scare tons of potential buyers away. Go for softer, beige or pastel colors which will not have a shrinking effect to the rooms. This is another reason why it’s essential to always go for lighter shades.


2.) Professional floor polishing and lacquering

This is something that can give a less dramatic change to the home but which is very tiresome and time consuming in the same time, therefore we do not suggest you to go for it just before selling.

Professional floor polishing

3.) Kitchen furniture

When it comes to selling home fast you will definitely find tons of articles which would suggest you to do a complete change of your kitchen furniture. However, kitchen furniture and appliances are very costly. We suggest you to give it a good cleaning, a re-polishing or repainting if needed and if you want to invest only invest in appliances which a normal kitchen should definitely have in one way or the other ( oven or sink for instance).

Kitchen furniture

Renovations which are costly but which would drastically raise the property value:

• Creating a living area in the basement:

This is not only a great thing if you simply want to add an additional room to the home. Creating a living area means to create a smaller or bigger living room- bedroom area with a small kitchen and bathroom means that the future owners will be able to rent that place out for a good price in the future or have a family member live in there undisturbed. This adds tons of value to a home and if there is a fair chance to create it and you have money to cover the costs, then go for it, it will add tons of value to the original price.

• Creating a living area in the loft:

This is less popular these days, but there are many lofts which also have the tendency to become living areas which generally mean one room a kitchen corner and a small bathroom with a shower. As this equals an extra room, it will also give tons of value to your home.

• Adding a swimming pool or pond to the garden:

If you have a larger garden then you should definitely think about investing in making it look its best. Depending on the overall climate in your area, you can have a fishpond or a swimming pool added to the garden and it will make a huge difference in both price and attractiveness.